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The DJ days


When electronic music exploded across Europe in the 1980s, it was hard for a Belgian teenager like me not to be fascinated. I quickly became obsessed by the exciting new sounds, and as new technologies emerged when I was around 17 years old, I bought one of the first affordable samplers and began making my own dance music.


Some of my earliest tracks became club hits (they’re now considered by some to be classics), and thanks to this success, I had the chance to live my dream of travelling the world as a DJ


Creating the future


I’ve always loved technological advancement, and in music, that means undefinable, progressive sounds that contain lots of futuristic layers. This abstract, futuristic feel for things is also what I love in science fiction movies, which were another passion of mine growing up.


As computers revolutionized the music industry, the same happened in the film industry, allowing people to create things that are only possible in their imagination. So, in 1995, I wanted to make movies my next focus, and teamed up with a friend to launch our visual effects and computer graphics company, GRID.


Two decades in film


GRID grew to be one of the biggest VFX companies in Belgium, and, for almost 20 years, I supervised every project that we did, as VFX producer. I added my personal creative touch where possible, exploring exciting new technological possibilities almost every day.


I also worked as a director on several projects, using my creative background to concentrate more on emotional content rather than simply being the manager of the project (and the company).


Back to the start


With creativity having always been at the heart of my work, I have now returned to my roots as a musician and director, using my audio visual storytelling experience to focus on the more imaginative side of creative projects.

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